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Welcome Back to NStars everyone!!

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PostSubject: Hmm...    Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:55 am

Havn't Been Here In Ages, Now What Has Happened To The Site?
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ToF Ryan

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PostSubject: Re: Hmm...    Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:32 pm

Hmm, since I know only 1 person's name who makes my DSi show it as a bunch of Squares....And the only person I know who writes their pists in all Capitals.....You must be Oxii, right?

Welcome Back Oxii! Very Happy Sadly at a bad time for NStars though... Allow me to explain:

Carl gave the leadership of the website to me because Arya convinced him to. He did not think I was fit to run this site, so Arya and him made a brand-new one, which eventually became just a Gaming Site, not for ToF anymore. Then because he couldn't stand me leading the site, he either deleted the site himself and linked it to the new one or Tony hacked into this site and deleted it, we're still not 100% sure but I say the 2nd one. Then we made a new ToF site, which was going GREAT! Then Carl got into my account and shut down that site just because I was insulting his little b*tch girlfriend Arya. Then, another ToF site was made. This site still stands to this very second and will never be hacked no matter what. (We gots a plan going on Wink)

I brought back NStars to try and revive it, but I think we're gonna stick with the other one for now. But NStars is still here to bring back the members such as you Oxii, which come to think of it I never thought of bringing NStars back for that but SWEEEET! XD

Anyway, here's the link to ToF's New and Permanent Site:

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